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Are you or your loved ones isolated at home with no one to talk to or interact with? We invite you to contact us to enquire about our many activities and projects.

Below are the services we currently run and they are subject to funding. Please contact us to check availability.

Stand Your Ground

General know your rights sessions for the public in relation to crime and police. We do not provide any case specific legal advice. We may be able to refer you to criminal solicitors. We also provide a form filling service for people that need assistance with reading or completing application forms.


If you are the first generation in your family to attend university and study law, we may be able to provide you with work experience in the legal sector. We will work with you for one year, having regular meetings, providing advice, assisting with CVs and application forms. We may be able to provide you with a suit or smart attire for your first interview.

Community Walk In

We provide morning coffee sessions and free health checks. We have a dedicated team of volunteer nurses that check blood pressure and blood sugar levels. When necessary, we contact GP surgeries for urgent follow up

Food bank

We run a food bank where we provide food for vulnerable people. Vulnerability may include homelessness or simply lack of financial resources.

Past Projects

Below are a few projects that we have undertaken in the past.

Support through COVID19

During this global pandemic, the government’s advice is to stay at home unless there are essential reasons to go out, which the government have specified. We can support you by collecting your medications. Please note that as we are not being funded for this project, availability is limited as is the time scale in which we can collect the above. Please contact us for further information.

We are raising funds for religious leaders, widows and orphans in deprived communities, as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic and global lock down. Many widows and orphans already struggle with financial hardship. Religious leaders and religious congregations often play an integral and charitable role in the community. As a result of the lockdown, some religious congregations have had to display creativity to continue their work in the community.

We thank everyone for their support. Please check out our gallery for pictures and videos of our latest events.

Dementia Support

Are you or your loved one living with dementia? Dementia is likely to have an impact on some of your mind set, but we can support by: Assisting you with maintaining your existing skills, providing one-to-one support to ensure stimulation with sensory activities, helping you find activities that you will enjoy, which will in turn boost your confidence. 

Promoting Wellbeing

It is important to note that problems affecting the general wellbeing of the elderly may well have built up over time. Addressing medical and social care is very vital but issues such as loneliness and isolation can make it more challenging for them to maintain social contact.

This is why we are passionate about providing social activities aimed at improving general well being whilst encouraging creativity, laughter and joy.

Our projects are designed for social interaction and transport is provided for attendees. We encourage grandparent and grandchild’ activities,  ensuring that both spend time together and in doing so, complete tasks. The aim of this is to illustrate the effectiveness of teamwork between two different generations. We provided transport to attend the day care centre using donations that we received from our ‘Gracious Grandparents’ scheme when we were not funded.

Social Activities

We offer the following fun and mind-stimulating activities:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Dominoes Board
  • Games
  • Music & Dance