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Community Care Worldwide is committed to making this website accessible and easy to use as possible. This website has been designed meet W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Web Content Accessibility AA guidelines.

Browsers we support
Our accessibility features work well with, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer (8, 9, 10 & 11) We have opted to use these browsers because they are the most widely used, covering over 98% of web users worldwide.

Font Re-sizing
To change the font size on this website, please visit this page at  the BBC website for useful tutorial

Change the colours

The colours on our website represent our brand identity. We have used the colours appropriately to make our webpages easy to read. However, we know that some people may have difficulties reading text on certain colours. You may be able to use your own colours with your browser to overcome this challenge. Please visit this page at BBC website for how customise your colour.

Document downloads

Some content on this is provided in PDF or Word document format. If you find you are unable to open such files, you may need to install some free software:
Download Adobe Reader software
Download Word viewer software


To our website accessible to screen-reader users, most images on our site have ‘alternative text’ that clearly describes what they show. This is not only useful for screen-reader users, but also for visitors who have chosen to disable images due to slow Internet connection.

Please note that images considered purely decorative will have a blank alternate text (e.g. alt=””). This reduces the amount of unnecessary content on the page.

We use YouTube for videos embedded on our site. For enhanced accessibility, we recommend you watch videos on our channel  as there are options for subtitles, closed captions, screen enlargement and more.

Alternative formats

If you have any recommendations or feedback on our site’s accessibility, or would like any information on this site in an alternative format, please contact us.